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Dear international visitor, welcome to our web!


VAR-TEC (SK, 2009) is affiliated with VARIANT plus (CZ, 1992) and they are among the B2B leader distributors of building automation and security systems in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We import products worldwide with 20 years experience and represent many known brands. On the other side we have own brads for OEM products and also some ourselves developed products… We are basically focused to sales in Czech and Slovak market, but we have also some export activities and partners in Europe and Asia.


VAR-TEC is situated  Kosice - 2nd biggest city in Slovakia, in own real estate, where is:

  • full sales and basic technical support for all Slovak customers
  • daily full products warehouse with enough capacity
  • 5 experienced staffers


VARIANT plus (headquarter) is situated in TREBIC city in own real estate (approx. 10.000 m2 of grounds total), where is:

  • headquarter and management of company
  • technical service center and support
  • main warehouse (310 m2 / 2.200 m3)
  • countrywide packing and delivery center with daily warehouse
  • all product lines departments and product managers
  • 30 experienced employees


VARIANT plus (branch office) in PRAGUE - capitol of Czech Republic, offers:

  • full sales and basic technical support for capitol customers
  • daily full products warehouse with enough capacity
  • 5 experienced employees


We offer to our customers on our domestic market: 

  • 20 years of experiences and individual care of every customer
  • full range and product lines for building electronics in following departments:
    • SECURITY SYSTEMS (Burglary alarms)
    • CCTV
    • INTEGRATION SOFTWARE for previous systems
    • INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL LIGHTNING (sister company “Ekosvetlo”)
  • 2000 types of products fully accessible anytime in our warehouse
  • free trainings and project support in every product line
  • reliable technical support and own service and repair center
  • competitive individual pricing and business conditions
  • stable staff of 40 experienced employees ready to help
  • stable network of cooperated and partnership installer companies via all country


All rest parts of our web are in Slovak and Czech languages and are focused on domestic customer and services, sorry.


But we are looking for any international cooperation in this possible ways:


Are you producer of products, what we can be interested to distribute in our network? 
Are you looking for distributor in Czech and Slovak republic?


CLICK HERE, please


Are you potential international customer – Installation Company?


CLICK HERE, please


Are you national, or international distributor of similar product lines as our?
We are very interested to cooperate with you!


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If you would like to see our real preview of company, you can see our virtual visit here: 

(use mouse for to control, and going into another buildings and offices where the arrows appear…)


Thanks for your time and attention and we are looking for possible cooperation!


Management of VARIANT plus / VAR-TEC


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